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Our unique design and patented technology has been specifically designed with you in mind. Handling the toughest conditions, SpaceDeck® platforms perform multilevel material handling with ease. With an easy glide in-out retractable design, SpaceDeck® has not only improved the overall safety of your personnel, but it will also contribute to the efficiency of your development. Decreasing wait times considerably when handling materials between different levels, SpaceDeck® are the right choice solution for your next project.

About us


Spacedcks is a leading Australian loading decks provider. Spacedecks’ revolutionary retractable loading platforms are the latest feather in our cap! Our platforms are designed for smooth material handling on multi-storied buildings. With Remote controlled operation and fluid movement, our platforms improve the safety and time efficiency at any construction site.

Our loading platforms are a perfect replacement for traditional construction elevators. Our platforms are more efficient, extremely safe, and easy to handle. According to our customers’ testimonials, they have observed a reduction in material handling cost by around 70% to 80%.

Our platforms are Australian designed and Australian made, ensuring our customers of top-grade qualities and service. Our prime commitment is towards the safety of people working in and around our platforms. With rigorous and thorough testing, we ensure our customers get a completely safe and dependable product.

Our design and erection team shares a comprehensive experience of about 50+ years, making us one of the most trusted and patronized loading platform providers in Australia. Our team excels in erecting and operating loading platforms in constrained space, making us a “got to” firm for any loading platform solution.

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