Providing clients with a unique and functional design, our SpaceDeck Loading Platforms have significantly improved productivity and efficiency for clients in the past. Based on its patented Australian design, SpaceDeck can decrease wait times considerably when handling materials between different levels of your construction site.

Being attached to the face of multi-storey buildings, our SpaceDeck loading platforms allow materials and equipment to be directly loaded on or off different levels by cranes during construction or demolition.

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Built for Safety and Efficiency

SpaceDeck platforms are also Australian owned and uniquely designed to flatpack for ease of transport and efficiency of space on site. Once erected on site, the platforms are supported on needles or cantilevered beams, anchored to the supporting structure, and remote control operated. This in turn protects all operating staff from any requirement to come into contact with the retractable platforms as they are shifted in or out.

Coming in three sizes – 2200mm, 2800mm and 3200mm – to meet the requirements of your site, SpaceDeck platforms really are the most efficient way of moving materials and equipment around a multi-storey construction site.

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