Our Safe-T-Rail handrails are another unique offering from Auswide Corp, which cannot be found elsewhere in Australia. The strength, clever design and versatility make it the leader in handrail protection equipment, and its lightweight design means it’s the most efficient to assemble and dismantle as well.

Safe-T-Rail Versatility

Our unique Safe-T-Rail has been utilised on a variety of sites across Sydney for a number of reasons:

  • Provides an edge protection solution in locations where a larger screen cannot be placed
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Versatile height adjustments ranging from 1.2m to 1.9m
  • Ergonomically engineered with logical setup procedure for quick installation and easy handling
  • Lightest safety handrail system available at 37kg per unit
  • Sturdy and reliable construction

Suitable for almost all types of construction surfaces, including reinforced concrete, structural steel and timber frames, these 1.2m tall railings, complete with Safe-T-Rail steel mesh and kickboard, provide complete edge protection. Where a taller railing is required, the additional Safe-T-Rail make-up barrier increases the height of protection up to 1.9m.

Since each barrier measures 2.5m long and weighs only 37kg, the Safe-T-Rail is the lightest barrier of its kind available. Its versatile design means even those tricky but dangerous areas on a construction site can be covered by the Safe-T-Rail, such as curved edges or exposed alcoves.

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