Spartan Edge Protection screens are a revolutionary, safe and efficient way to ensure the safety of all workers on site, whether the construction reaches three storeys or 40. Complimenting our scaffolding services, our steel mesh screens climb the buildings where scaffolding would be a less efficient option.

Safety Perimeter
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The Spartan Advantage

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Our Spartan Edge Protection mesh screens provide your site with a number of advantages.


  • Perimeter tight enclosure protects personnel and construction workers, and prevents drops and falls of equipment on site
  • Installed screens provide three storeys of protection
  • Once installed, no need to remove screens since they climb the building as construction progresses


  • Crane operation or self-climbing hydraulic system, whichever is best suited for your site
  • Hydraulic system can be operated by the builder/formworker
  • Once installation has taken place, screens require no ongoing use of site cranes
  • Screens are pre-assembled offsite so onsite installation is as non-disruptive as possible
  • Cheaper and more efficient than standard scaffolding
  • Safe and secure sites promote comfort and productivity in all workers on site


  • Regardless of weather conditions, our Spartan screens climb the building as construction advances each storey
  • They present no obstruction to natural light
  • Require no groundbase to work from as they are fixed to levels of the building, providing greater access and use of ground space around the site.
  • Working platforms can be affixed to provide a safe area for those working beyond the edge of construction, for example on the external facade

Hydraulic Screens

Spartan Screens - Auswide Corp

There are numerous advantages to using self-climbing hydraulic screens. The most popular advantage is avoiding the use of onsite crane time. With a busy development site and so many sub-contractors depending on the use of the crane, developers are seeing clear benefits to this revolutionary system.

Each screen is independently lifted via a unique hydraulic lifting mechanism which offers an easy and safe operating system able to lift any size screen. This hydraulic system has multiple advantages:

  • Load locking system – prevents any possible slips or misuse of the screens during construction
  • Remote control operation – allows safe use by operators who need not touch the screens while in motion
  • Various adaptors to fit any size screen – significant advantages in versatility meaning we can use these screens in almost any situation

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Safety First

  • Perimeter tight enclosure protects personnel and constructions workers
  • Able to operate in different weather conditions safely
  • Stops objects and tools flying over the edge to the bottom of the site
  • Can be safely operated by the developer

Increased Productivity

  • Enhanced feeling of safety helps workers work more efficiently
  • Climbing of screens can take place while framework is still in place beneath the slab
  • Screens are pre-assembled off site and arrive to site ready to erect
  • Self climbing hydraulic do not require any ongoing crane time

Standout benefits

  • Cost saving compared to traditional scaffolding
  • Speed and efficiency by providing an initial three level protection
  • Supply install technicians / riggers
  • No obstruction to natural light
  • No on site maintenance
  • Screens can be controlled by the client according to their development schedule
  • Increased construction speed
  • Ease of access available for cladding